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The Junior eXtraDICTION® Game Set

consists of:

The game board
Clue cards
Star Cards & Chance Cards
Dry-erase (whiteboard) markers

Junior Game Set Content

The Game Board

Players write their answers on the eXtraDICTION® game board in order to win as many stars as possible.

The board layout is a grid of squares, 11 rows by 11 columns.
The squares are either blank, contain 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 stars, or have an exclamation mark. The squares are also colour-coded to make it easier to identify the number of stars they contain.

The squares are also grouped into zones (the zones boundaries are shown as bold lines).

Zone 1 is in the centre of the board and contains only one square.
Zone 2 surrounds Zone 1.
Zone 3 surrounds Zone 2.
There are also four corner zones.

Players are rewarded with the number of stars in the squares they use when writing their answer on the board. Zones are used to multiply the total number of stars won.

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Junior game board

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The Clue Cards

Each clue card has four elements.

  1. A word;
  2. The meaning of the word;
  3. Boxes indicating the number of letters in the word and the first letter of the word; and
  4. the illustration of the word.

Each card has two key words. One on the front of the card and the other at the back.

The game set has 3 decks of cards. Each deck has fifty clue cards.

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eXtraDICTION SP Card - Beginners - Front

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Star Cards and Chance Cards

A typical deck of cards has 36 Star Cards and 18 Chance Cards (making a total of 54 cards)..

The 36 Star Cards consist of three sets of 12 Star Cards. Each set is a series starting from 1 Star to 12 Stars.

The Chance Cards consist of one set of 12 cards with Stars as well as one set of 6 cards with Rats. The six Rats card set is a series starting from 1 Rat to 6 Rats.

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Star Card

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Junior Chance Card

Dry Erase Markers

These are for writing on the game board which has an erasable surface. Replacement markers can be easily obtained from most stationery stores.

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These are for erasing the ink from the game board. Ordinary tissue papers can also be used to clean the game board surface.

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The timer may be used at various stages of the game to limit the amount of time taken by players to perform certain tasks..

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