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Users' Suggestions

The extraordinary versatility of the eXtraDICTION® game and the game set means that there are many ways of adapting the game and the usage of the components of the game set to meet different learning or entertainment objectives.

Below are some innovative ways of playing as shared by some users. These will enhance the utility, value and enjoyment of your eXtraDICTION® game set.


"We use it as part of our treasure hunt where the hunters are also required to write answers to clues they have been given on the eXtraDICTION® game board. The teams with the highest scores win additional prizes. This adds an extra dimension and a very refreshing challenge to our normal hunt events."

"My students are learning English as a foreign language. I get them to take turns to read aloud the clues from the eXtraDICTION® clue cards for me to work out the answer. They enjoy testing me but in actual fact I am getting them to enthusiastically practise their reading and pronunciation skills."

"When we use the clue cards to play 'Give or Take', the better players are given fewer cards as a handicap."

"To get my students to become interested in idioms, I got them to challenge me to guess the correct idioms from the clues in the eXtraDICTION® idioms card set. They enjoy it so much, they are now challenging each other and learning and using more idioms as they play."

" I get my students to learn and develop their dictionary skills by getting them to create their own clue cards for playing eXtraDICTION®. Because the number of characters used for the definitions in the eXtraDICTION® clue cards are deliberately limited, the students often have to think of the most concise definition for their chosen words."

We value your suggestions and thank you for sharing them with a growing community of eXtraDICTION® enthusiasts.

Please email your suggestions to suggestions@extradiction.com


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